talk game through untracked wilderness, far from houses, farms, and fences. Listen in absolute silence for the break of a twig that betrays the approach of a moose or bear. Bag your limit of grouse and pheasant for a holiday feast.  

Hunting is allowed both inside and outside of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), with some restrictions. Game animals include: bear, deer, grouse, moose, pheasant, small game, turkey, ducks and geese. Permits are required at all times and certain game are reserved for Minnesota residents only. Check for date or other restrictions for each game species before your arrival. DNR may require an orientation for certain game species. 

If you plan on hunting within the BWCA you will require a travel permit as well as a hunting permit and a means for transporting your game. Remember motors and motorized vehicles are not allowed in most areas of the BWCA. 

Smitty’s On Snowbank offers an ideal base camp for your hunting party. Stay overnight in our modern accommodations and eat a hearty breakfast in the lodge before you hit the trail. We have direct access to the BWCA as well as other excellent hunting areas. In either case, our friendly staff will be waiting for you at the main lodge upon your return with a hot meal and a cold beer. What more could you ask for?

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