oving quickly through forests and glens you startle a white-tailed deer grazing trailside. It freezes for a moment, then bounds away at unbelievable speed. A moment later you wonder if there was a deer at all. Hawks and eagles circle lazily overhead ever vigilant for a quick meal. In the distance you hear a moose bellow mournfully. The pack shifts heavily from side to side with each step carrying you further away from your worries and cares. Your cell phone dropped its signal an hour ago. Does it get any better than this?

With over 400 miles of trails within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), there are unlimited possibilities for hiking. See the BWCA from a different perspective when you come in by foot instead of by boat. The trails feature all types of terrain, from rolling hills with scenic overlooks to low-lying wetlands beside lakes and streams. Explore the BWCA’s over one million acres of wilderness by foot.

Smitty’s On Snowbank provides an ideal starting point for your BWCA hiking adventure. Step off from our front door for a simple day trip, or take a week or two. We provide modern accommodations with hot showers. Choose from Motel rooms and Kitchen Suites to private Cabins. Cook your own food or come over to the main lodge for a nutritious meal. We can even provide sack lunches for daily excursions.

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